Can I Hide My Snapchat Score?


Drama, drama, drama. We have all been through it when it comes to Snapchat and dating. I have heard endless stories of guys constantly checking the Snapchat score of their crush only to use it against them in an argument later on. “Why has your Snapchat score gone up 200 points when you haven’t snapped me once?” I can hear it now.

Unfortunately, the only way to hide your Snapchat score is to unfriend or block someone. If someone is not your friend, they cannot see your Snapchat score. This is very effective if you do not want someone to know what you are doing on Snapchat. It is human nature to expect the worst when it comes to relationships, especially crushes. If you know your boyfriend or girlfriend has a Snapchat score that is going up every single day and you are not snapping them, they are doing something.

While it is difficult to survive in high school or college without Snapchat, it is possible. If the Snapchat score of someone else is consuming you, it might be time to step back or walk away. Try not go get too caught up in someone else’s Snapchat score. They may be sending pictures or texts to good friends and doing something very innocent.

If you are the one that wants to hide your Snapchat score the best way to do it is to just unfriend the person you are concerned about.

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My ex had just recently unfriended me so I went an mad a new account to clear up the verbal altercation we had yesterday ….the snapchat code told me he was already my friend but his score doesn’t show …what could this mean ?