Can You Hide or Remove Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Unfollowing Them?

Over the last several years, millions of Snapchat users have added friends in which they are somewhat friends but not great friends. They are acquaintances but not someone in which you want to watch every single second of their lives. You know the type, the person that posts every single step they take on Snapchat. So, is there any way to hide or remove their stories without unfollowing them?

At this point, there is no mute button on Snapchat. It would make sense for Snapchat to come out with this feature in the very near future as most users have someone they want as a friend but do not want to see their story. Whether it is a booty call or simply that guy that is aggravating there are times in which you do not even want to see the thumbnail of their Snapchat story. It may even entice you to click it only to remember exactly why you never watch their stories.

So, Snapchat, we hope in the very near future there will be an option to mute or hide a Snapchat story of someone that you continue to follow and talk to. Just because we have someone as a friend doesn’t mean we want to watch their stories.

This would be an easy fix. There are options to hide your own story from users so why not hide their stories from your most recent updates?

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