Hily App Ad on Snapchat

When scrolling through Snapchat stories you have likely noticed ads for Clover Dating, Friended, Yubo, BLK and other apps. One of the more recent apps trying to grow their app downloads is Hily. This is the app in which the guy says something to the effect of “girls, are you tired of guys that are looking for just a hookup? If you want more, try Hily.” This is what the Hily ad looks like on Snapchat:

What is interesting about all these teenager dating apps is the fact that none actually gain traction on the App Store. You never see these apps in the top 100 and never hear anyone talking about them. Is it worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars to have these ads on Snapchat if teenagers are already using Snapchat as their dating app?

Have you downloaded Hily? Let us know what you think of the app.

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