Can You See a History of an Instagram User’s Likes?

One of the most popular features of Instagram is to look at the likes and comments of your friends. In fact, this is where most people find other people and accounts to follow. If you are like the large majority of Instagram users, you want to know who is talking about what. You are also interested in what your crush is doing with Instagram. Are they liking or commenting on other guys or girls pictures? What did they like last week or last month?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see what an Instagram user has liked over time. The only way you can “Instagram stalk” someone is to constantly check your Instagram to see what they like or commented on. If you are following hundreds of Instagram accounts, this could be very difficult. You may want to consider making a second account just to follow those that are close friends or crushes.

Also note that you can only see up to 10 pictures they liked. From our understanding, these 10 pictures are the most recent 10 photos that particular user has liked. If they went through and like 25 photos you are not going to be able to see them all. This is concerning for those that want to check up on what their boyfriend or girlfriend is doing.

It is also the case that you cannot see all the comments a user leaves. In fact, you will likely not see more than a few of the comments as the Instagram activity tab does not allow you to monitor all comments by one particular user.

If you know of any work arounds, please comment below with how to do it. There are many 3rd party Instagram apps out there so maybe one of the apps allows you to see a history of likes and comments for a particular user.

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How can I see a particular user what he’s like and comments on insta


Using Snoopreport service you can monitor what a particular user likes, comments and whom he follows on Instagram.


Is there anyway I could see again a more older likes on my pics on instagram?