How Long Before Bitmoji Falls Asleep on Snapchat Map?

We have done the research. It takes one full hour of a phone being idle for the Bitmoji character to fall asleep on Snapchat Map. This can be done a number of ways. The phone can be turned off, it can be left sitting idle or the user can sign out of Snapchat completely. Either way, the only way the Bitmoji character will fall asleep is if the phone is not using Snapchat or location services for one full hour.

We are certain this is a question that is going to be asked by many boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives wanting to know where their significant other is and exactly what they are doing. If their Bitmoji is asleep, their phone has been idle for one hour or more. You can actually check with the search function on Snapchat Map to see how long they have been idle. Ahh, this reminds us of the old days of AOL Instant Messenger with the idle time.

Have you noticed many of your friends “sleeping” on the new Snapchat Map? Have you noticed that sometimes they have the “zzz” beside their head?

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