How Much Should a Personal Injury Legal Blog Post Cost?

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Over the last three years I have been preaching that personal injury lawyers need as much quality content as possible on their websites. All things being considered, more content will allow a domain to show up for a greater number of long tail keywords. The more keywords your legal website shows up for the more likely it is to receive natural links from major news outlets and other legal websites. That being said, most personal injury lawyers and law firms do not have the time nor the skill set to publish multiple blog posts every single month. If a lawyer or law firm were to pay for blog posts, how much should they spend per post?

This is a tough question to answer as it differs depending on the area of practice, amount of research that is needed and length of the article. If an article is very well written, properly research, has bulleted lists, photos and video content embedded it is much more likely to rank very well in Google search. This is invaluable to a website. How much would you pay to rank #1 for “Atlanta car accident lawyer”? You should consider each blog post an investment to rank for that specific phrase.

In my opinion, depth of an article matters. Having an article on car accidents that is 2000 words is going to rank higher than an article that is only 300 words. For this reason, I would strongly suggest paying for high quality content by someone who truly understands SEO Copywriting. If you would like to work with someone that has helped personal injury lawyers rank for competitive keywords with quality content reach out to me at I have both monthly SEO and content packages.

If an article is poorly research, includes duplicate content and is less than 300 words a personal injury lawyer should avoid this content at all costs. It is worthless. It could actually hurt a website. There are plenty of claimed copywriters on the Internet that will write articles for as little as $20 or $30 an article. Remember that you get what you pay for. If you went to an Audi dealership would you want to buy the cheapest car? The same is true with content; quality comes at a cost.

Finding a copywriter that truly understands the personal injury vertical can be extremely difficult. Personally, I have looked for someone with this talent and have come up empty. I have polished my skills in this topic area and write the content for my clients. I feel much more comfortable helping my clients rank with unique and properly optimized content.

TL:DR – If you want quality content that ranks in Google search you are going to have to pay a premium. It is well worth it to spend the money up front as it will only help your website in the long run. Contact me at if you want your legal website to rank in Google search.

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