“I’m in Bois” a Growing Trend on Reddit for Teenagers

Over the last few months, thousands of Reddit posts have gotten a significant number of upvotes solely because the title is “I’m in Bois”. We are not certain when the trend started, but it is now viral. In fact, jokingly, many Redditors state that the quickest way to get upvotes on r/teenagers is to comment or post with “I’m in bois”. So, what is this the case?

It is important to remember that Reddit users tend to be male. In fact, statistics show that almost 90% of Redditors are males under the age of 34. In essence, horny males. If an attractive girl happens to fall upon Reddit and starts to engage, she is going to get all the attention she needs.

Several months ago we complete a test study in which we helped a very attractive young female get to the front page of r/gonemild and r/r4r. Every single time she posted, she received over 100 private or direct messages within the first 15 minutes. If her post was seductive or sexy in nature she received over 1000 private messages in the first 24 hours.

It is quite obvious that girls get all the attention on Reddit. This is true in most walks of life. Teenage girls have it a lot easier than teenage guys when it comes to getting attention. The reason the “I’m in bois” trend has gotten so big is because every male on r/teenagers automatically assumes it is a female that is posting on Reddit.

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