Best Instagram Apps to Resize Photos to Fit iPhone Properly

Over the last several years Instagram has grown leaps and bounds. Many high school and college students do not use Facebook for anything other than school projects and seeing what their family members are doing. Instead, they use Instagram to interact with their friends. Be the first to comment or first to like a photo is a big deal. Something else that is a very big deal is being able to properly resize a photo to make certain it will look good when other Instagram iPhone users see it.

Below are a handful of the top rated apps when it comes to resizing an Instagram photo:

  • Layout from Instagram (this app actually ranks higher than Instagram in the app store for total downloads)
  • Image Sizer
  • NoCrop
  • InstantSquare Free
  • ByeCrop
  • CropPic
  • Instazz
  • No Crop Video for Instagram
  • Framatic Collage

There are a number of Instagram collage apps that are quite popular as well. If you know of any other Instagram resizing apps please feel free to comment below with the app you use. I would love to know what apps work best to get the most likes and comments.

Most people use third party apps but the “Layout from Instagram” app mentioned above is actually made by Instagram which makes it much more reliable and popular than the other apps.


If you know of collage or resizing apps comment below with what works and what does not work.

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