How Instagram Can Cause Relationship Drama

While most people think of Instagram as solely a photo sharing app it can be much more than that. Instagram allows users to see the activity of those they follow. This means, if you happen to like or comment on a photo there is a good chance some of your friends will know rather quickly. With Instagram being the hottest social media app of the last two years it comes as no surprise that more and more people are starting to use it. With more users comes more drama.


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The large majority of the people I follow are close friends of mine and are not in a serious romantic relationship with me. That said, I have seen plenty of relationship drama on Snapchat. One of my friends posted a two year anniversary picture of herself and her boyfriend. One of the first comments explained how said boyfriend was actually dating another girl at the time they got together and he was “hanging” out with the old girlfriend last summer. Oh boy. As you can imagine, that comment was deleted quickly but if I saw it several people saw it.

The tab that allows you to see activity of those you are following is ripe for drama. It will show you the six to eight photos that a user “liked” recently. It will also show the comments that were made by a user. Even if a user is trying to hide their intentions with another person it can be quite difficult with Instagram telling the world their actions. Fortunately, I do not use Instagram and I have no desire to get involved in any of the drama. In fact, some of my friends are shocked that I am so aware and knowledgeable about social media yet I have no desire to be on the fastest growing social media app.

One way to avoid the drama of Instagram is to refrain from looking at the recent activity tab. It can be hard, but all it is going to do is to cause your mind to wander. If he liked that picture and commented on that picture is he fooling around with that girl? If she has left comments on his last five pictures does that mean they are dating? These are thoughts that are going through the heads of Instagram users every single day.

Another easy way to avoid the drama of all social media is to avoid it altogether. It can be nearly impossible for most people to give up the instant attention but it will make your life so much more stable and less drama filled. Try to avoid Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a week and let me know what happens. You may be a little more boring but I would be willing to bet you will have greatly reduced the drama.

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