Is My Instagram Hacked? Most Annoying List & Worst Wall Scam DMs

In the month of July 2019, millions of Instagram users have been hit with the Instagram Worst Wall and Instagram Most Annoying List DMs. They started in early July and have continued throughout the month. From our research, it looks like the spammer is sending out the DMs around 5:00 pm est during the week. The largest blasts are coming after business hours on Friday and during the weekends. This makes us think there is a team that knows when Instagram cannot combat the issue during off work hours.

So, is your Instagram hacked if you login to site that is sent to you with either of these DMs? There is a possibility they have cloned your phone through the app and taken your username and password when you logged back in. Fortunately, you can quickly change the password to alleviate your concerns. It would be wise to also change the passwords for your other accounts like your Gmail, credit cards, bank accounts, Venmo, Snapchat and other apps.

You may have friends sending you screenshots of your Instagram sending these particular spam messages. If this is the cause, you have been hacked and you should definitely change your password to something completely unique. If you keep the same password, you may find that the spammer keeps sending DMs to your friends for these random websites or scam login pages.

Did you click the link for these hacked DMs? Do you think your Instagram is hacked?

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