Is Instagram Now More Popular than Facebook for Students?

This is a tough question to answer. For some students, the answer would be no, while for others the question would certainly be yes.

I’ve considered this debate before, and have realized a pattern that may offer an answer to the question at hand. The difference lies in the age groups of the students. Older students, current college students and recent grads, still depend heavily on Facebook mostly for event and group related information, while many younger middle and high school students don’t or haven’t ever had a Facebook because they see it as a “dated” platform. Instead, this younger generation uses Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, iMessage, and Kik to communicate.

Personally, I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable deleting my Facebook for fear I would miss out on invitations to lectures, parties, and concerts, or potential networking opportunities (Hi LinkedIn, we know you’re there and we’re sorry). I also wouldn’t want to delete it and lose the connections and tagged pictures I’ve amassed since 2007. I will say, however, that the college-aged friends of mine who do have Instagram–it’s rare but not uncommon to find a friend who still doesn’t have an Instagram account–will pull out their phones and check Instagram before checking Facebook, should they have an extra 5 minutes to spare. Now, depending on your definition of popular, if the number of times someone were to log into a social media site an indicator of popularity, I might say Instagram is more popular all around and competes with Snapchat in terms of the number of times students log in and check per day, and is therefore more popular for all middle, high school and college students than Facebook.

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