Instagram Search and Explore Includes Stories Starting October 2016

Ok, I am finally going to say it, Snapchat now has to worry when it comes to Instagram Stories. Prior to today, I did not notice a ton of Instagram Stories being posted; definitely not by non celebrities and “normal” people. Well, that has changed now that Instagram Search, Explore and Discover has started to promote Stories in October 2016. What was once just pictures and videos you might like is now a horizontal list of those posting Instagram Stories you would want to watch.

Snapchat has always had a problem when it comes to discovery. Stars, athletes, celebrities and musical talents have struggled to grow their Snapchat following because there is no suggested user list or way to discover talents. Instagram is the complete opposite of that. Instagram offers users multiple ways to find other popular accounts. You can see what your friends are liking, you can search and you can use the discovery section to find pictures, videos and now stories.

If Snapchat does not figure out a discovery method they are going to lose all the content from celebrities. There is no reason for Taylor Swift to post to Snapchat when she has 92 million Instagram followers that will immediately start to watch her stories there. The same holds true for anyone that has a large following on Instagram. Growing a following on Snapchat is painful and not worth the effort if you have a large following on Instagram ready to watch your daily activities.

The Instagram Search, Explore and Discovery tab now looks like this:


Years ago I complained that Instagram search was horrible. Well, it has drastically improved and their algorithms are very good at showing you what you might like. As you can guess I follow a lot of golf accounts therefore most of my suggestions are golf videos and golf Instagram Stories.

As Instagram continues to improve their algorithm Snapchat will fall further and further behind. Personally, I want Snapchat to succeed but there is no reason for a celebrity or star to post to Snapchat stories at this point.

I do believe Snapchat will be the place for private stories and direct messaging. This is a large percentage of Snapchat usage but they will be losing out on a huge market if they let celebrities move their content to Instagram.

Have you seen more and more celebrities posting to Instagram? Would you rather post to Instagram or Snapchat Stories?

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