International Cheer Union Snapchat Story on April 24th, 2015

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually pretty popular when it comes to new Snapchat Stories being uploaded. A unique one for Friday, April 24th, 2015 was the International Cheer Union Snapchat Story. This is not the first cheerleading Snapchat Story as there was a UCA Cheerleading Snapchat Story not too long ago. I do not know all that much about cheerleading so I will simply share a few screenshots with you:

snapchat-girls-cheerleaders cheerleaders-concert-snapchat cheerleaders-on-snapchat international-cheer-union-snapchat-story usa-cheerleader-snapchat-story usa-cheerleading-snapchat-story

I am many people will want to know who the girl is that has the “2 World Champions” caption. Well, good luck finding out. I guess someone on the Internet actually knows her and can let us know in the comments but it would be unlikely. All that said, if you are a cheerleader, tell us a little bit more about your sport? Do these Snapchat Stories do it justice? What should they add to the Snapchat Stories to make them better?

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[…] 24th, 2015 – International Cheer Union – This is the second “cheerleading” Snapchat Story in the last few months. This […]