How the Internet Changed the NCAA Tournament Selection Show

“Back when I was a kid” I can clearly remember the only way to see the bracket on Sunday evening was to watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on CBS Sports. There were no apps, no Internet websites and definitely no Twitter or Facebook. If you wanted to see who your favorite team was playing you had to tune in around 6:00 pm est. I can also remember actually filling out a bracket while I watched the show. Let’s just say that technology, especially the Internet, has changed all of that.

In 2015, the overnight rates for the NCAA Tournament Selection Show reached a 25 year low. Here is a very telling chart:


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With ESPN, CBS Sports and every other sports outlet now having an app devoted to the NCAA Tournament it is very easy to get the brackets with two “clicks” of the thumb. No longer is it the case that college basketball fans must fill out their own bracket with a pencil.

For the first time in quite some time I did not watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show this year. I was on the golf course and I had no desire to leave early to see where my alma mater was playing. This is kind of sad because March Madness has been a tradition for me since I was born. Heck, the tournament actually starts on my birthday this year!

Did you watch the NCAA Selection Show? How did you see the brackets for the first time? What smartphone app do you use for the tournament?

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