How Are James Madison Students Using Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great way to have a quick conversation or to say something that you can’t quite capture with words, and being a college kid these days, pictures are everything. It is a more interactive way for students to share glimpses of their lives with their followers, as well as keeping in contact with those they might not have if it wasn’t for the app.

Snapchat is an easy way to build friendships, especially as a freshman moving to a completely new area not knowing a soul. It also builds a stronger relationship compared to texting and twitter. James Madison University is a very Snapchat friendly school, consisting of the beautiful Quad that the students can walk across every day on their way to classes, and the amazing sunsets one can admire from East Campus.

Students tend to have their phones out while walking from class to class, so they can easily capture beautiful moments to share with their friends. Most college students don’t have pets, so seeing a Quad Cat or a dog on their way to class is also a must-snap. Stories are convenient for students to show off the stunning campus, or cute animals that roommates and neighbors are fostering.

Visiting the local cat shelter always stirs up a good story, too. It is, however, the JMU parties that get the most snaps. To get people to attend, frat boys give a sneak-peak of what is to come by showing off decorations and party favors. And were you really there if you didn’t snap a few cute pics of you and your crew to post to your story?

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