Jerry Seinfeld Interview on Colin Cowherd ESPN Radio Show

Here it is! Download the entire podcast here:

I have heard some fantastic interviews by Colin Cowherd but I don’t think anything will top the interview with Jerry Seinfeld. I was fortunate enough to be in the car on Thursday, June 4th, 2015 around 11:00 am est when the interview was aired. I was so interested in the interview that I continued to drive around so I could hear it in its entirety. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the podcast or YouTube video clip of the interview. I would imagine someone is going to cut and splice the entire show from June 4th, 2015 into just the Jerry Seinfeld interview by Uncle Colin.

One of the best things about the interview was Jerry Seinfeld talking about how he wants more Colin and less fluff. He will take more commercials if he doesn’t have to listen to callers or other guests. It was quite humorous if you know these two men. There were plenty of other great parts of the interview including how colleges are too politically correct (PC) and children using the terms racist, sexiest and prejudice even though they don’t know what the words mean.

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