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This resource will host all the high dynamic range photos I upload to the Internet. During the first few months of learning to take HDR photos I shared them to Google+, Twitter and Instagram. I am going to keep them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Under each photo will be a brief story explaining the photo and why it is special to me.

All photos below are free to use as you like. All I ask is that you use proper attribution. If you are hosting these photos on a website you can simply state “Photo(s) by Jesse Wojdylo” with a link to this article or my Google+ profile here. If you are sharing the photo via social media please mention my name in the post. I am on all social networks expect Facebook. If at all possible, do not allow Facebook to ruin my photos. They crop and cut them to sizes that are not the original. I obviously do not have a say in this but I would prefer my HDR photos be seen in their full beauty. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions related to sharing my photos online.

This is a fall photo of Clearwater Lake just outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There is no argument to be made that the fall months are my favorite. I grew up in the North Carolina mountains so I could live in jeans and tshirt weather for the rest of my life.


It was very cold in early January at Hasentree but I was able to capture these photos. I think you will enjoy.


This is former UNC Tar Heels point guard Raymond Felton’s home in Hasentree. Right next door is Chris Wilcox’s home. I will try to get some more Hasentree home photos as there are some mansions and castles up there. Keep your eyes out for some of the other photos as the golf season progresses.


This is the 13th tee box at Hasentree. if there were ever a gettable hole at Hasentree this is it. I have only had two eagles in my life and this hole happens to be one of them. It plays about 475 but as you can see, it is straight as an arrow. Unless you overcook a draw you are not going to hit it in the bunkers on the left. This photo would be so much better without the red dirt right in front of the senior’s tees.


While the par 5 13th hole is gettable the par 5 16th hole is not. The drive is not that challenging as you can see but the second shot is ridiculous. There are about nine bunkers covering the green. It is the ultimate risk reward shot but I am not good at hitting a 220 yard short downhill into no man’s land. I will have plenty more Hasentree Golf Club photos in the near future.

My first round of golf was an exciting one. This was one of my best HDR photos:


On the first day of 2014 I took a walk down the road in Meadowmont. As I was returning from my first workout I noticed the sky was simply gorgeous. Here are a few of the photos I took:


This was the first photo I took from the median. Don’t worry, this road is not highly trafficked so I had no worries as it relates to getting hit by a vehicle. I absolutely love the small amount of blue sky in the horizon. That is the only reason I braved the 40 degree windy conditions to get a few shots.


This is another photo that shows the gorgeous Chapel Hill blue sky in Meadowmont. I wasn’t daring enough to go stand in the middle of the road where there was not a median.


This two houses are situated perfectly to get some amazing sunset shots. I took a pink sky HDR shot from this exact location in the fall. Not often can you capture an HDR photo with this many great colors. I will admit that the “bright” filter on NIK Software truly enhances the photos that are taken on an overcast day.


This photo was taken about ten steps down from the previous photo. Once again, the bright filter does wonders with these photos. I also like the variation of colors in this particular shot. Red, green and the natural colors of the house work well.


I tried to capture the blue sky on the horizon of this shot but it did not work out to my liking. That said, still not a bad photo. It is a truly remarkable photo in the fall when the leaves are still on the trees.


This was the final shot of the day. I still wonder when they are going to build homes on the right hand side of the road. If you are in the market to live in the most amazing college town in America, Chapel Hill, there is room available. I have no desire to buy or build a home but if I did this would be one of my top spots.

On December 28th, 2013 I had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful day of taking photos on the Duke University campus. I have been meaning to go to Duke to snap photos of Duke Chapel and other buildings but it never worked out. Ironically, the one day I decide to go is also the day the Duke basketball team had a home game. I forked over the $10 and this is what happened:


This was the first photo I took while approaching Duke Chapel. I absolutely love the clouds in this shot. The lighting is about as perfect as it is going to get on a December afternoon. I also like the greens of the trees in front of the chapel. Little did I know that the photos would get even better.


This was the second photo I took. It was about 10 or 15 steps closer than the first. I really like this photo because it brings out the different colors of the cobblestone on the chapel. If there were stain glass windows it would have been even better. That said, i don’t think I am going to be changing anything about the Duke Chapel. It is gorgeous just the way it is.


This is the view looking back to where I took the first two photos. This is probably the best photo I took with the clouds and sky. Anyone that follows my HDR photography knows the sky plays a very important role. In fact, I will drop everything I am doing if the sky is “just right” for photos. These days don’t come around all that often. Pro tip: try not to take HDR photos when there are no clouds in the sky.


As I continued my walk around Duke Chapel I fell into this. The colors on the chapel are glorious in this shot. The sky is nice but I am more impressed with the greens, oranges and greys that mix so well.


This is the final shot I took before going to the front of the chapel. It isn’t bad, but it is not my favorite of the day. I do like the greens against the cobblestones. The clouds did their part to be pretty awesome in this shot as well.


I took about 40 shots of the front of the chapel and this is the best one I could get. It is extremely difficult to get the chapel in its entirety during the day. The sky does not work well against the chapel. This one came out “alright” but I am still working to get that amazing shot. It might take a little bit of nighttime photography with the tripod to get the exact shot that I am looking for. If you have seen a great photo of the front of the Duke Chapel please let me know in the comments below.


This is a shot from the Duke Quad looking back towards the Chapel. I took hundreds of shots of the clock and other buildings in the quad but the lighting was not quite right. It was an overcast day and the photos did not come out to my liking. I will have to go back and take quad photos when the lighting is a little bit better.


I am not certain the name of this building but it is the first building on the right as you exit the quad towards the chapel. The lighting was almost perfect for this shot. I also like the look of the sky. If you have not visited Duke’s campus I would suggest doing so sooner rather than later.


I often do not render HDR photos in black and white but this one was too good to give up. When the colors aren’t amazing in your HDR photos it never hurts to see what the black and white artistic look will do. I have a cool Franklin Street black and white HDR shot as well. Don’t expect to see a ton of black and white photos from me but they will surface every once in awhile.


The final photo of the day is one of my favorites. As I was walking back to my car I looked back and saw this. The contrast of the branches and trees on Duke Chapel is pretty awesome. Another pro tip: when taking photos when there are no clouds, try to add something else to the photo such as branches or trees. This photo would not look as good if it did not have the branches offsetting the blue of the sky.


Many of my readers know that I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina which is in Orange County. What you may not know is that most of Orange County is quite rural. I thoroughly enjoy taking a “Friday Drive” just to get away at the end of the week. I tend to go to some of the more remote parts of the county to see if I can capture some sunset or sky HDR photos. This is one I took about five miles outside of Carrboro. You will see a lot of photos that are from farms. As a country singer once said, “I’m from the country and I like it that way.” The previous photo is one of the better skies I have seen in quite some time. I hope you enjoy it. Also, green is one of my favorite colors. You will see I use it a lot in my photos.


This photo was taken on the evening of Christmas Eve. I have been a member of Hasentree golf club for almost three years now and it always brings a smile to my face. Well, when I am hitting the ball somewhat straight. My goal in 2014 is to play at least two rounds a week at Hasentree. Expect lots of golf HDR photos in the coming months. I am going to make more time for myself as I have put the pieces in place for my business to run very well in the coming years. If you would like to expand your Internet presence on Google+ and in Google Maps contact me at In the meantime, check out some of my better HDR photos.

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[…] me. Along with spending more time playing golf in 2014 I am going to try to snap more HDR photos. This resource will allow you to see what I am up to that particular week or month. Expect to see quite a few HDR […]

Alex Riecke-Gonzales
Alex Riecke-Gonzales

Gorgeous Jesse! The colors of the stone are just astounding… Lucky you it was a nice day too 😉

Rex Haggard
Rex Haggard

I thoroughly enjoy your work. Makes me want to be a photographer. I’m strictly amateur, but I can critique and your photos are quite awesome! Thanks for sharing. . .

Irma A Carzoli

Hi Jesse it’s always exited taking pictures with HDR. I remember my first pictures I couldn’t put it down.
P.S Happy journey

Chris Cox

Amazing. Very beautiful photos. Thanks!


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