July 2015 Snapchat Update Includes One Tap to View Stories

Well, we all knew this was coming. Now we have it. The newest Snapchat update in July 2015 include the ability for users to tap to view a Snap picture, video or story. There is no longer a need to hold down your screen. I am not certain if this is a good or bad thing. Snapchat is known as the app you have to hold down the screen and this is no longer the case. Do you think this will change the dynamic of the app? Will this make it lose its appeal?

Here are the updates:



There are a few updates that have to do with the Snapcode or QR Code. I haven’t played around with his much but it could be helpful to put a selfie on the Snapcode. Do you use Snapcodes to add friends? Do you think this is one of the better updates?

We still have yet to see the Snapchat Top 3 best friends returning. I guess the emojis will have to do throughout the summer. Do you still want the Snapchat Top 3 best friends back?

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[…] of the cool new features of Snapchat is the Selfie Ghost or the Snapcode Selfie. This is the QR Code Snapchat makes for every user. […]


Yes there should be 3 top bestfriends

Patricia gauthier

They defiantly should put the 3 bestfriends back on that was the one thing that made snapchat, snapchat! It’s great and the emojis that gos with it such as the yellow heart was amazing now it’s gone! Can we bring it back?