Kim Kardashian Naked Snapchat Video and Pictures

Well, we know it is going to happen. Kim Kardashian is known for her naked photos on Instagram. Her “break the Internet” Instagram started it all and just recently her “don’t know what to wear” with the two black stripes to hide her private parts garnered all the attention on the Internet. With Snapchat allowed users to draw anywhere on their screen it is all in due time before Kim Kardashian has a few videos and pictures in which she is not wearing any clothes but is also not showing her private parts.

Kim Kardashian is a marketing genius. We theorized not long ago that some celebrity would become famous because of a Snapchat sex tape or a Snapchat nude photo. Who knows who it will be first but it is bound to happen. That said, if done tastefully, there are ways to use the Snapchat drawing feature to make a naked body look like it is wearing a bathing suit, dress or even a nice business suit.

We will get to find out if Kim Kardashian has any art skills in the near future. Her sister Kylie Jenner has been posting a lot of pictures in her bed with Tyga so that is something we will be on the look out for as well. Which of the sisters will end up posting their “naked” Snapchat first? That will be sure to “break the Snapchat”.

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