Kohl’s Black Friday Snapchat Shoppable Face Filter (Lens)

On Friday, November 29th, 2019, Snapchat users noticed a few “shoppable” face filters, or as Snapchat likes to call them, Lenses. Once of the face filters is from Kohl’s. With the lens or face filter, you can kick field goals and click the “Shop now” button to go to the Kohl’s gift page which also has their Black Friday sales and deals. It looks like this:

When Snapchat added the ability for users to post links, it was all in due time until companies started to promote their websites. We have tested it out and Google Analytics does not show you the number of users coming from Snapchat stories or filters, but if brands and companies are paying for these Face Filters you can be rest assured they are getting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

If Kohl’s is doing this, expect to see competitors like Target, Sephora, WalMart and Ulta trying to get Snapchat users to their websites as well.

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