Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Website Takes Off Due to Snapchat

It is hard to believe that Kylie Jenner can immediately send over 100,000 visitors to her website by simply mentioning it on Snapchat. On numerous occasions, Kylie has told her followers to go to and the website eclipses 100,000 live visitors.

Below is a screenshot of Kylie’s Google Analytics live traffic after mentioning her website on Snapchat:


Over 143,000 visitors in just five minutes is quite crazy. Similar web shows that gets about 4 million visitors per month. It is likely the case that the majority of these users visit the site when Kylie mentions she has a new color lipstick or a different shade of makeup coming out on her Snapchat.

If you want to track your live traffic on your website sign up for Google Analytics at Once you have signed up and properly installed the code you have the option to view live visitors at any time. While the majority of websites only have a handful of visitors at one time, some of the more popular blogs can get as much as 25,000 visitors a day. If you have 25,000 visitors a day you likely have around 125 to 150 live visitors at all times.

Do you go to her website when she mentions it on Snapchat? Do you buy her makeup?

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