Is Kylie Jenner Really Pregnant or Is This a Publicity Stunt?

Everyone knows about the Kardashian family. Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t avoid hearing about them in the media. Most recently, Khloe Kardashian confirmed pregnancy rumors on her official instagram page with a black and white picture of her baby bump. The caption stated she is so excited to have her baby with her boyfriend and NBA player, Tristan Thompson. Fans are now anxiously awaiting to hear if the pregnancy rumors surrounding Kylie Jenner are also true.

For months now many have speculated that Kylie is pregnant with music artist and boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby. Kylie has been only been fueling the rumors by limiting her public appearances, wearing excessively baggy clothes in public, and cropping out her midsection or only posting old photos on Instagram. Kylie also has not been pictured in Kim Kardashian’s instagram feed containing the Kardashian Christmas Card photos, and many believe this is due to the family wanting to hide her baby belly. According to some rumors, Kylie is due in February and will be having a daughter. Some sources say that Travis Scott and Kylie have broken up due to Travis’s lack of support during Kylie’s pregnancy, and that she will be raising the baby as a single mom.

On top of all of the pregnancy rumors, Kylie has also been dealing with some heavy backlash after releasing her first ever makeup brush set from the Kylie Cosmetics line. The brush set contains 16 animal hair brushes in a silver roll-up style case for $360.00. You can also buy the brushes individually, the most expensive single brush retailing at $48.00. Everyone from average fans on twitter, to youtube stars, and even renowned makeup artists are all commenting on the price stating that Kylie is upcharging and scamming fans. Almost all of the product reviews online and on youtube state that the price does not match the quality of the product and recommend that Kylie should seriously drop the price.

Some believe she priced them high originally on purpose to increase traffic to her site during a price reduction promotion coming soon. Kylie also received some backlash with the release of her concealers. Though she received praise for offering a wide color range, the packaging was not new or practical. Kylie used same packaging that public figure and makeup guru Jeffree Star uses for his famous liquid lipsticks. The only difference if that Jeffree Star has colored and glitter labels whereas Kylie uses all white. Kylie should listen to her fans and other professional’s advice in the future in order to please her customers.

If Kylie is pregnant, we are sure to find out within the next few weeks, as she will be in the final trimester of her pregnancy. While there is evidence to support the claim that she is pregnant, some believe it is all a publicity stunt. The Kardashians are known to participate in questionable things, especially if those things are profitable. So what do you think, is Kylie pregnant?

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