How to Get Into Las Vegas EDM Shows Through Instagram

If you are like millions of young woman between the ages of 21 and 35, you likely want to skip the line and get a nice table at an EDM show at a nightclub in Las Vegas. Whether you want to go to the Encore Beach Club, Hakkasan Nightclub, Tao or Omnia you do not want to have to wait hours to get in. Once in, you want to be at the exclusive tables closest to the DJ. Here is how you can do it.

First of all, you must create an Instagram account that would appeal to a Las Vegas promoter. As soon as you land at McCarran Airport and get to your hotel, post a cute picture of yourself and your girls with the location of Las Vegas. If you have a popular Instagram account with some very cute pics with the girls, promoters will start to hit you up within a few hours; sometimes less than an hour.

If you don’t get any bites early, you can search for “Las Vegas promoter” and DM them, but you likely will not have to do that. These promoters want hot girls to be at tables for the guys. Guys that purchase alcohol and bottle service at these tables pay people to put hot girls at the table. Note that some of the promoters will be very needy and will want more pictures of you and to talk to the other girls in your group. You may even have to give the promoter the Instagram of the other girls. Some promoters may call you and ask to speak with the other girls of the group. It is usually the case that 2-4 girls is the right number. Any more and it is too much work for the promoter to get all the girls into the concert or nightclub.

Something that promoters will ask for is “in the moment” pics from you that show you and your girls in your hotel room. They want to make certain you are for real and fit the look they are wanting to put at the table of the nightclub.

You should not have any problems if you know how to dress the part and have Instagram pictures from events you have been to in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC and other popular tourist destination cities.

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