Should Law Firm Websites Leave Comments Open on WordPress?

For quite some time we have pushed the importance of comments on a website. Comments effectively increase the number of different phrases a website contains. No matter how hard a copywriter tries to use a different tone or vocabulary they are never going to be able to hit all the keywords that an everyday Internet searcher would use. While some may call it a big rig truck others may call it an 18 wheeler. Some might even call it a tractor trailer. If you are limited to one copywriter or content writer you might be missing out on potential personal injury or legal clients.

We always suggest lawyers start with a WordPress website. If you have another type of website such as Justia, Findlaw or Foster Web Marketing feel free to contact us at and we can help you convert your content to WordPress. While this will be an upfront cost today it will save you plenty of money down the road.

With WordPress, you have the option to turn comments on for a specific blog post or page. While some law firms may not want to turn comments on for their areas of practice pages they may want to turn them on for discussion type blog posts. If your law firm has a discussion post related to car accidents in Los Angeles or Houston it would be wise to allow readers to comment with their opinion or stories.

In fact, something that would be extremely useful is to encourage readers to explain, in detail, the accident they were in. There is a good chance they will explain the make and model of the vehicle, the color and every the license plate of the individual that was in front of them. The great thing about WordPress comments is they are easily edited. You can quickly take out the exact license plate number while leaving the rest of the story.

If you want to know more about getting more search traffic to your website through blog or WordPress comments feel free to reach out to us at We will be more than happy to discuss some SEO strategies and ways for you to acquire clients through your website in 2016 and 2017.

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