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Find some of the most important personal injury lawyer SEO topics below. If you want to read more in depth about this subject use the Lawyer SEO category tab.

Which WordPress Theme is the Best for SEO for Lawyers? – When your law firm decides on a new website WordPress is the best option. Before spending $25,000 on a customized WordPress theme I encourage you to read this article.

Legal Content Writers to Write Articles for Front Page of Google Search – If you want to rank on the front page of Google search for hundreds of different keyword phrases it takes amazing content. Learn more about the important of a legal SEO copywriter and where to find them here.

Google Map Local Search Drops to 3 Spots; No More A, B or C – The local pack is now only showing three businesses instead of seven. This is sure to cause many law firms to adjust their Internet marketing strategy.

Analyzing Search Traffic with Google Analytics – Understanding where your traffic is coming from is very important. In this piece I explain how you can effectively analyze the search visitors coming to your legal website.

Did Google Panda 4.2 Hit Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys? – Google Panda 4.2 rolled out on July 18th, 2015 and has slowly been working its way around the Internet. I will keep a close track on the search results for car accident and personal injury lawyers. Find out more here.

Does My Legal Website Need a Blog? – Yes! The answer is always yes. I explain why updated content is so important to rank on the front page of Google in this resource.

Is WordPress the Best Website for Personal Injury Lawyers? – Absolutely! In this article I explain why every law firm in America needs a WordPress website. Hint: it has to do with the ease of updating content quickly.

Should a Personal Injury Law Firm Hire a Copywriter? – I think most of you already know my answer to this. In this article I explain why it is so important to become an expert in a specific area of practice to rank higher in Google Search.

How Much Should a Personal Injury Legal Blog Post Cost? – This has been a very hot topic lately and I lay out the reasoning for paying for top quality content when it comes to personal injury articles and blog posts.

Why Unique Personal Injury Lawyer Blog Posts Are So Important – When it comes to SEO and ranking in Google search nothing compares to unique quality content. Make certain your content has not been published anywhere else on the Internet.

How to Rank #1 on Google For Car Accident Lawyer in Your City – Want to know how to rank #1 for “car accident lawyer” in your city? This article will give you the foundation to get started today.

Should Law Firm Websites Leave Comments Open on WordPress? – Yes and no. There are some pages in which you will only want to offer your services. On other pages, you will want to start a conversation and allow website visitors to increase the different types of keyword phrases on your website.

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