Should I Like the Instagram Picture of the Guy I Like with Another Girl?

If you are like most high school and college girls, you are following your crush or the guy you like on Instagram. You are likely also susceptible to the games he plays when he posts a picture with another girl. Whether he is a frat guy at a function with another girl or an athlete hanging out with a female athlete, it can sometimes be hard to determine if you should like his picture or not.

You may have liked all his other pictures in the past but you don’t want to like this one because you will be losing at his game. That said, he will definitely notice if you do not like his picture. So, what should you do?

Remember, this is a game that he is playing. You are playing it too. The best thing you can do is simply ignore the fact that he uploaded a picture on Instagram. Do not like the picture with him and another girl. He may or may not even notice that you didn’t like it. Even if he does, it shows that you are in charge and you are winning the game.

If he brings it up, you are definitely winning. The great thing about social media is it can be completely random. Just act as if you never saw the photo. Do not go to her profile and look at all her pictures. Do not stalk her. All that is going to do is cause you to go crazy and give in to his little games.

If you feel as if you want to like or private message him, stop looking at the app and go do something else. There are thousands of apps in which you can be anonymous or looking at funny content. My suggestion is Reddit.

He is playing games. He wants you to like his photo so he wins. In the future, stop liking any of his photos on Instagram and you will win at his game. Always remember, the person that cares the least in a relationship has the most power.

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