What is the Longest a Snapchat Story Can Be?

UPDATE: Looks like you can get to 9999.


Over the last year (I think) I have seen numerous Snapchat stories that are over 500 seconds long. Obviously, these stories drive us up a wall. We all know that person that has to add a new video or picture to their Snapchat story every 15 seconds. Get a life! Well, that made me wonder what was the longest a Snapchat story could be? I would imagine people have gotten up to 999 seconds, but is it possible to break 1000?

I would never know as I try to keep my Snapchat stories as short as possible. This is the point of having Snapchat, right? To keep things short and sweet? At one point I actually made all my Snapchat pictures just one second. Hundreds of people privately messaged me or asked me why I was doing it. The reason I did it was because it made you watch the story over and over. It also made you remember my name on Snapchat which was part of the goal. I don’t do this anymore but I can assure you I will not try to make the longest Snapchat story in history.

So, what is the longest Snapchat story you have seen? Have you seen one over 999 seconds?

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