Did Margot Robbie Learn to Skate for I, Tonya (Harding) Role?

Now that I, Tonya is available throughout the United States, many viewers are wondering if Margot Robbie learned to ice skate for the role. While there was likely a stunt double for the more difficult skating, such as the Triple Axle, did Robbie become proficient in basic skating to portray Tonya Harding in this role?

Another question has to do with braces. Young Tonya Harding, around 15 or 16, is wearing braces when she meets Jeff Gillooly. What is interesting, is the fact that Harding’s mother claimed to be broke and only spend money on Tonya’s lessons yet somehow she could afford braces? How is this possible? We all know that braces are not cheap. One would imagine that Tonya claiming to be a “redneck” and poor would mean she would not be worried about her teeth. In today’s day and age, when most young, affluent girls are getting Invisalign or invisible braces, it would be interesting to know how many young ice skaters have braces or Invisalign. As the movie shows, the overall image of a skater is very important.

One of the things most remember about Nancy Kerrigan was her rather large teeth. That said, while her teeth were large, they were definitely straight. If anyone has any inside information on Margot Robbie learning how to ice skate or knowledge of young girls in this industry and their teeth, please comment below.

Did you enjoy the movie I, Tonya? Do you think this was an accurate depiction of what happened was an accurate depiction of the winter of 1994? If you are wondering if her bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt was far fetched or embellished check out this video:

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