Michigan State Kicker Windmill Vine Goes Viral

After Michigan State kicker Michael Geiger drilled a field goal to beat Ohio State on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 the official ESPN Sportscenter Vine account published this:

While some are calling it the 75 yard air guitar I think it is going for more of a windmill. He completed 22 windmills as the crowd at “The Shoe” in Columbus, Ohio had to watch the Spartans celebrate. Within hours the Vine posting received over 2 million loops and many more are likely to come. Is it just me or is Ohio State destined to have Vine fame during their most troubling times. Remember the “back rub” girl last year?

What did you think about this celebration? Was it the best kicker celebration ever? Do you remember Bill, not Martin, Gramatica injuring himself after his celebration with the Arizona Cardinals?

You can find some more hilarious kicker celebrations here.

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