Midlothian VA Dentist Office Embraces Social Media

Time and again we see businesses attempting to use social media to grow. Unfortunately, not every business should spend $1500 to $2000 on social media. In a recent report of unsealed court documents, Facebook knew for years that a metric was inflated. This should come as no surprise to those in the digital marketing world as Facebook is a place to look at family pictures and argue about politics but it is not a place in which users have an intent to buy. That said, a Midlothian, VA dentist has embraced social media in a way that they do not spend an arm and a leg yet they are acquiring new clients.

For many dentist’s offices, the decision is made by mom or a daughter. For some reason, the females in the household tend to pick the dentist. Where are most young females these days? On TikTok and Instagram. The great thing about TikTok and Instagram is they are places in which a business like a dentist or orthodontist can grow organically. If an orthodontist in Midlothian, VA wants to get the best ROI in terms of social media, they should embrace the uniqueness of TikTok and the virality of Instagram.

It takes work and effort to move the meter on both of these social network but it is worth the time, unlike with Facebook. While Facebook strongly encourages businesses to spend thousands of dollars of Facebook targeted ads, this can get rather expensive. The cost of a new patient can be much higher than the actual value of that patient. For this reason, it would be wise to look at all social networks and determine who is making buying decisions and exactly where are they making these buying decisions. If your goal is to fight the Facebook battle you may be throwing your hard earned money down the drain.

Try TikTok and Instagram if you are trying to appeal to females that have an influence on where the family spends money.

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