Why Do Military Guys Cheat on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter?

Ahhh, the military guy. For some reason, it seems like at a certain point in every girl’s life, they fall in love with the military guy. The only explanation I have is that they are smarter and can easily snow over a military guy because he can’t constantly check up on her, but how really knows. Maybe all girls want a guy who has a terrible temper, cannot save money and has limited career options. I digress…

If you have fallen in love with a military guy and have found him cheating, do not feel as if you are alone. This is very common. In fact, military guys are notorious for cheating on their girlfriends or wives. This often happens because they have options beyond what they have at home. Military guys go out with their squadron and are looking to have fun in their small military town.

It is also the case that military guys tend to have a lot of pent up aggression and testosterone and they aren’t going to put up with a woman that won’t put out. This means they will just go to the next naive girl in line. She will believe his line of bull and will end up giving it up. Ultimately, it becomes a big mess because there are multiple people cheating at one time.

What is interesting is the fact that military guys are not smart enough to realize that following someone on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram is the first telling sign that they are cheating or with someone else. What is even worse, they tend to add the name of the girl they are “in love with” or “messing around with”. Do they honestly think no one is going to notice this?

Our advice it to cautiously test the waters when it comes to military guys. We are certain there are some wonderful and brilliant military men out there. Unfortunately, for every one bright military guy there are 10 others that scream at the TV during MMA and UFC fights while getting drunk on cheap beer. We won’t even begin to mention just how broke military guys are.

While military men serve out country and are great for our national defense, they are not the best people to date. Think twice before jumping in to bed with a military guy. Before you know it, you will be pregnant and living in one of those gorgeous military towns that offer plenty of motorcycle dealerships and payday loan stores.

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