When Will Mr. Robot Season 3 Come Out for Free on Amazon Prime?

The ending of Mr. Robot Season 3 was one of the most talked about endings of 2017. Some would argue the ending was even more of a cliffhanger than Game of Thrones. With everyone talking about season 3 being the best season so far, a large number of Amazon Prime subscribers are anxiously waiting for season 3 to be available for free for Prime users. So, when will Prime users get to watch this fantastic season?

As with most of the Amazon Prime shows that are on USA, HBO, FX and other television networks, it will take several months for Amazon to gain full rights to show the season for free. USA Network wants to make as much money as possible so they are going to make certain Amazon continues to charge full price for season 3. We would guess that Amazon Prime users will see it open up for free around July or August 2018. This is the time of year in which Season 2 was available to prime users. In late July of 2017 Amazon Prime opened up season 2 of Mr. Robot to Prime uses.

The only other way to watch this show is to purchase it via Prime Video. You are going to pay around $25 and most people do not want to fork over the extra money. Note that none of the seasons of Mr. Robot are on Netflix so do not expect to get to see season 3 on Netflix anytime soon. If you have a Hulu account, you have likely noticed the content is currently unavailable. USA Network knows the demand for this show so you are either going to have to be very patient or shell out the money to watch it on Amazon or a cable/satellite network.

Are you ready for Mr. Robot Season 3? Did you hear the finale was one of the best cliffhangers of the year?

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