How Much is a Tweet From LeBron James Worth?

Not long ago, Darren Rovell tweeted the market value for a LeBron James tweet was $126,500. While this may seem ridiculous, it wasn’t even close to the most expensive market value for an athlete tweeting a product or service. Here are the numbers:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – $304,000
  • Neymar Jr – $143,000
  • LeBron James – $126,000
  • Wayne Rooney – $94,000
  • Kevin Durant – $80,000

These numbers were reported by opendorse. It is important to note that these are not the figures that are currently paid to athletes and celebrities; these are simply market value amounts based on exposure. In essence, LeBron James is a billboard on Twitter. The number of impressions of a billboard determine the value of the sign on the billboard. On major intersections in Los Angeles and New York it is going to cost much more than a billboard in Graham County, North Carolina.

All that being said, what we must understand is that not everyone is real on Twitter. In fact, I know many people that have purchased over 100,000 followers just to look more popular. Out of these 100,000 followers probably only a couple hundred are actually seeing their tweets. This is something to consider before shelling out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a celebrity to tweet a product.

One of the first celebrities that had a value placed on their Twitter activity was Kim Kardashian. When Twitter was first getting popular Kim Kardashian was getting paid around $14,000 to tweet specific beauty products. That would be a bargain today as she now has over 30 million followers on Twitter. At the time I think she had around seven or eight million followers.


In all reality, I have no idea how any company can place a valuation on a tweet. While there are programs to determine how many Twitter followers are real we will never know how many people see a specific tweet. We all want to think that our Twitter accounts are getting millions of real impressions but that is simply not the case. Heck, if I can get more than a 1% click through rate on a link I am doing very well. Unfortunately, brands and businesses will never truly know the exposure that each Tweet is getting as it is impossible to set up a true metric to determine if a customer sees or, more importantly, buys the product.

When doing a quick audit of the @KingJames Twitter profile there are approximately 6.6 million fake Twitter accounts following him compared to 9.2 million real Twitter accounts following. Although 9.2 million is a large number is that worth $126,000 for one tweet that has the half life of about 30 minutes, at most? I guess we will see what companies are willing to pay in the near future.

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