My Snapchat Career – From Day 1 Until Now

Six years ago, as a freshman in high school, I first downloaded Snapchat. It was immediately the must have app in my school; everyone was snapping one another. It was the new and improved way to send a quick message to a friend, and to include your face! I slowly drifted away from it as time went on, but four years later, as a freshman in college, I was hooked yet again.

This time was much different, I could post stories and show off the fun I was having in college, as all my other Snapchat friends were doing. As the saying goes, “Pics or it didn’t happen,” but stories work too. If you didn’t post a story of you and your friends at a giant frat party, were you even at college?

As a sophomore, I mostly use Snapchat to keep up with the friends I have left behind when I moved away. I am able keep in touch with my best friend that I haven’t seen in two years, and it is because of Snapchat that we are still as close as we are. While on school breaks, Snapchat is used by my friend group to keep everyone updated on what we’re all missing, as well as pictures of our pets that we talk about so much back at school.

My cat, besides myself, is the second most snapped from my account. Although my mother claims I live on my phone, I do not Snap as much as other students my age, but I am, like many others, addicted to Snapchat.

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