NBA Playoffs Snapchat Story on April 18th, 2015

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We know this one was coming. The NBA Playoffs are upon us and Snapchat is all over it. There have been some amazing videos and pictures of the best players in professional basketball. With the Warriors being in one of the early games it should come as no surprise that diehard fans want to see Steph Curry. A few fans were able to get some amazing videos of him draining a three. I would be shocked if he is not the NBA MVP. There have been plenty of other games that have been features on the NBA Playoffs Snapchat Story. Here are some of the screenshots:

chicago-bulls-snapchat-story michael-jordan-snapchat-story warriors-snapchat-story warriors-nba-playoffs-snapchat-story overtime-snapchat-story raptors-snapchat-story-playoffs toronto-raptors-snapchat-story nba-playoffs-snapchat-story

The NBA Playoffs are as follows:

  • Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls
  • New Orleans Pelicans vs Golden State Warriors
  • Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets
  • Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Memphis Grizzlies
  • Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks
  • San Antonio Spurs vs LA Clippers

I will be interested to see just how long Snapchat leaves this story up. In all reality, they could leave the NBA Playoffs Snapchat Story up for the entire month of April 2015. I seriously doubt they will do that.

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