New Colleges and Universities Added to Yik Yak

In September 2014 the anonymous bulletin board app Yik Yak continues to gain in popularity. When looking at the Peek tab on the Yik Yak app it is quite obvious the company has added between 25 and 50 new college and universities. It looks as if it has started to expand west as several California universities have been added. The East Coast is well represented and even smaller colleges and universities like Muhlenberg College are now on the Peek tab of the Yik Yak app. For all the colleges and universities on Yik Yak check out my article here: What is Yik Yak?

This tells me that Yik Yak has hit the viral marketing stage. For quite some time I have stated that colleges and universities are where most social media networks and apps really get started. It is much easier to spread the word about a social network or app on a college campus because all of the students are on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social networks. In fact, I started to hear much more about Yik Yak when UNC students started to share screenshots on Twitter. Yik Yak has also done a very good job of promoting funny Yaks as Tweets.


Will All Colleges and Universities Have a Yik Yak Peek Tab?

My guess would be yes. The app is GPS based so all colleges and universities already have some type of activity even if it is sparse. As more people start to Tweet and talk about the app on Facebook it will become much more active in smaller areas. I am not certain it will ever get into small towns or areas without colleges but that is the goal of the creators of the app. The ultimate goal is to make the app a place to see updates on events happening in your area at any particular time.

If it is a Saturday in the south and you are at a college football game, open the Yik Yak app to see the discussion. If it is a Thursday afternoon on Wall Street, open the Yik Yak app to see the latest financial and stock news. If it is Sunday in small town south you can open Yik Yak and see how is going to church and who is going to sleep in. These are all possibilities with a GPS based app that is used by many.

If college students continue to spread the word about this app I see no reason why it cannot be as popular as Snapchat or Twitter. In fact, some of the college students I know state they no longer use Twitter because Yik Yak has replaced that type of content. If you want focused content on the area in which you live or the college you attend there is no arguing that Yik Yak is more entertaining and even more insightful. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of immaturity on Yik Yak but the voting system (yakarma) boosts the quality content to the top with the Hot section.

I would imagine we will see many college students only looking at the Hot section rather than trying to sift through all the newest Yaks that are students trying to hook up or just blow off some steam. If you are a college student that is new to Yik Yak I would love to hear your opinion. Is this something that will continue to remain popular or is it simply a fade?

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