New Snapchat Update April 2020

UPDATE: It looks as if the newest Snapchat Update in April 2020 changes the profile screen. There are no longer charms as people are searching “how to find the Snapchat charms with the new update.” When we figure it out we will let you know. There is also a part of the screen for Snapchat Cameos and the Snap Map is now on the profile page. What do you think of the new redesign and update?

There is a big redesign of Snapchat rolling out in April 2020. Some users are starting to see it while others are impatiently waiting to get it on their iPhone or Android. We have not been able to get exclusive rights to the latest update but remember that Snapchat often rolls out the latest update to specific users first. Please comment below with the type of phone you have (iPhone vs Android) and the model so we can determine who is seeing the new Snapchat Update in April 2020.

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