Octocat GitHub Logo Purchased for $4

While listening to the Acquired podcast episode about GitHub I found it fascinating that the owners of GitHub went to the stock photo world to buy their logo for a lofty price of $4. Another famous tech company also bought their first logo as a stock photo – Twitter. Twitter paid a lofty $15 for their original logo.

There have been a few variations of the Octocat GitHub logo (rumored to reportedly be called the OctoPuss) but this is the one most will know:

Not a bad purchase for $4.

The interesting thing about the Twitter logo evolution is the first Twitter logo was facing left while all the new logos are facing right. Here are some of the older logos:

Anyone that lived through Web 2.0 and the social bookmarking era can clearly remember 2009 and the fail whale. Ahh, the good old days when social media wasn’t the cesspool it is today.

While the GitHub Acquired Podcast wasn’t the best effort from David and Ben it was interesting to hear about the early days of the social coding open source platform and how it evolved into an $8 billion business. Thanks, Microsoft.

If you are a coding geek and want to know how GitHub grew extremely quickly you will thoroughly enjoy the Acquired episode. Even if you aren’t a coding geek, there are always some great nuggets in the episodes for those that want to reminisce about the early days of the social media era.

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