One Direction Uses Snapchat While on Stage at London Concert

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One Direction gets it. There is a reason they have one of the largest fan bases in the world. One the Snapchat story for One Direction Live from London the members of the band used Snapchat to upload to the story that all could see. While fans were enjoying their songs at the O2 Center they could also check out the Snapchat Story and see just what the band was doing on stage or back stage. This was an awesome experience for any diehard One Direction fan. Here are some screenshots I took:

one-direction-snapchat-blonde last-song-one-direction-snapchat neill-vision-snapchat-one-direction one-direction-using-snapchat-on-stage one-direction-on-stage-snapchat girls-one-direction-snapchat backstage-one-direction-snapchat one-direction-soup-snapchat one-direction-hair-spray-snapchat

It was awesome to see Neill Vision and the other band members using Snapchat while the concert was going on. Shortly after seeing the bad take the Snaps from afar we got to see what it was like from their eyes. Remember, if you plan on traveling to Europe to watch One Direction in England or any of the different locations of their tour you will need a 110v to 220v voltage converter. I have recently learned that the plugs and electrical circuitry we use in the United States is different than that of Europe. Make the purchase before you head overseas so you can continue to use Snapchat on your iPhone or Android that is fully charged.

There will be many that search for the girls that were at the One Direction concert including the blonde girl singing at the end. If you were one of the girls in this One Direction Snapchat video please comment below!


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