Should I Only Snapchat My Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Snapchat has become a hot topic of conversation for middle school, high school and college students that are dating. While it is fine to do whatever you like on Snapchat while single, things change when you are in an exclusive relationship. No longer is it acceptable to mass Snapchat a group of people looking to “have fun” on a Friday or Saturday night. Some boyfriends and girlfriends will encourage their significant other to only Snapchat them. Is this what you should do?

There are millions of Snapchat users that are tempted to send inappropriate pictures to ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends every single day. It is very easy to do and no one will even know; unless they screenshot the picture! Even if they do screenshot it, you will immediately be notified. That said, if you do go down the road of Snapchatting other people, you are going to have to deal with the consequences later on.

While Snapchatting can be a fun way to flirt and get to know someone, it is also an app that encourages cheating. You may not be physically cheating, but you will be cheating if you get emotionally involved with someone else while you are currently dating a guy or girl. It is very easy to get emotionally involved if you chat or send pictures to them every single day and night.

Before demanding that your boyfriend or girlfriend only Snapchat you, it is best to have a long conversation about your relationship. Some people may not even know they are considered a boyfriend or girlfriend. Your significant other might not even realize they are in an exclusive relationship. If you try to force upon them the ability to only Snapchat you, you might be ruining the entire relationship.

Personally, I think it is a bad idea to only communicate with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You are putting a lot of pressure on this relationship and if you ever break up, it is going to be even harder to get over that person. You also need outside, objective advice when it comes to certain aspects of a relationship. Communication with your bf or gf is great, but you shouldn’t ask them everything; especially when it comes to your relationship.

The best way to address this situation is to talk with your bf or gf. If you find they are often tempted to cheat and send messages on Snapchat when they are bored, it might be best for them to only Snapchat you. If they are naturally social people and simply like to keep up with friends, forcing them to Snapchat only you could make the relationship very difficult.

Have you asked your boyfriend or girlfriend to only Snapchat you? If so, how has it worked out so far?

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