Palmistry Decoder Ad on Snapchat

We have seen dozens of dating and friend apps such as the Clover Dating app, Friended, Yubo, BLK and Hily, but we don’t often see Snapchat ads for apps like the Palmistry Decoder. This looks like an app that is a “palm reader” that will tell you when things will happen in your life. When will you have your first kiss? When will you get your first big time job? When will you get married? When will you buy your first house? Will you make big money or a million dollars?

All of these questions can be asked with the Palmistry Decoder. This is what the ad looks like on Snapchat:

Hav you downloaded this app? Does it actually work? Can it read your hand well? I guess the next app we are going to see is Tarot Card reading.

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