Paris Attacks Live News Story Updates on Snapchat


Do you think Snapchat should do a Paris Attacks story?Expect a Snapchat story for the Paris Attacks to go up very soon. As with the flooding in South Carolina and other major news stories, Snapchat is now the place to go for live videos and pictures. There is already a Snapchat filter to pray for those in Paris. It looks like this:


If you know any Snapchat user that is in or around Paris, and is safe! please feel free to comment below with their name so we can see the news coverage from someone on the ground. Our hearts go out to those that lost a loved one and we hope those injured have a full recovery.

The other Snapchat filters for the Paris Attacks look like this:

paris-attacks-snapchat-filter-warning warning-snapchat-paris-attacks snapchat-paris-attacks-news snapchat-paris-attacks-warning breaking-news-paris-attacks-snapchat

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