How Many People are Watching Snapchat Original TV Shows?

Snapchat is sinking billions into their Snap Original. Years ago we predicted Snapchat would be a player when it came to TV shows and original content. In 2019, that happened. Snapchat reported that over 28 million people watched the original Endless Summer. They have yet to report the numbers from their fall slate of shows. Even if a small percentage of users watched these shows, they will still be getting more viewers than CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

It was reported mobile video usage has increased by 40% since Q3 of 2017. Much of this is YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. If a brand, business or celebrity wants to gain exposure to a younger audience three video social outlets are necessary.

Imagine if David Dobrik or Jeffree Star released a special on Snapchat that was only on Snapchat. Imagine if the Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Conspiracy series was only on Instagram. The series received over 142 million views on YouTube. ABC, NBC, Fox or CBS would beg for those types of numbers for one of their new TV shows. There were eight (8) parts to the series which means each episode received about 18 million viewers. To put that into perspective, the Game of Thrones finale was viewed by 19.3 million viewers.

The most popular TV show on NBC is This is Us and it receives about 8 million viewers per episode. The Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star YouTube series got 10 million more views than one of the most popular TV shows on network TV.

As we find more data on the new Snapchat Original TV shows, we will post it here. For now, just know that the more popular Snapchat TV shows are getting over 10 million viewers per episode.

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