Should a Personal Injury Law Firm Hire a Copywriter?

This is a question I am asked all the time. I receive multiple inquiries a week from personal injury lawyers looking to rank higher in Google search.┬áMany times, these law firms have a great website but there are no recent updates. Some don’t even have a blog section. Last month, a law firm contacted me wanting to increase search rankings and their last website update was June of 2013. It is July 2015 and Google has constantly reiterated that websites that are updated more frequently will rank better in Google search. Get new content for your website!

This makes sense from a business perspective. If you went into a golf shop and they only had clubs from two and three years ago would you continue to shop there? If you went to a Mercedes car dealership looking for a brand new car and they only had 2013 and prior models how would you feel? This is exactly the way Google looks at a website. If your content is old there is a good chance your website visitors are finding little to no value in this content.

For this reason, you should absolutely hire a legal copywriter. There are some SEO firms and agencies that provide content and copywriting but I would suggest looking deeper into their services. From personal experience, I can say that some firms write the same article and distribute it out to 20 to 30 different lawyers. They simply change the city and the name of the law firm and that is it. This is worthless content. In fact, this is content that could get your website penalized.

When hiring a legal copywriter always ask for samples. Also, ask them which legal websites they have written for. You can quickly grab a unique sentence in their article, Google it and determine if it is unique content. Your content must be unique if you want to rank in Google search. If content is spun or duplicated you are wasting your hard earned money and could hurt your website in the long run.

If you would like to better understand what to look for in a legal copywriter feel free to reach out to me. I have a team of legal copywriters that have helped lawyers in the most competitive areas of the United States rank for “money” keywords. Ranking for competitive keywords is nearly impossible if you do not have a writer or team or writers publishing new content to your website. Ranking on the front page for [your city] car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, medical malpractice or slip and fall lawyer is a daunting task. One way to compete and dominate these search phrases is to have a significant amount of content related to the topic.

Ideally, you want as much quality content published to your website as possible. If you are in a competitive area such as Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa, Portland or Sacramento it is going to take quite a bit of content to rank. I would suggest, at least, one blog post a day devoted to the topic you want to rank for. If you desire to be #1 in Google for “Houston car accident lawyer” you are going to have to make the commitment to be the expert in this subject.

The best way to prove to Google you are the expert is to have multiple resources related to the topic. I have some strategies to rank for extremely competitive keywords and if you’d like to know them contact me at These strategies have helped clients in areas that are nearly impossible to break the front page.

One of the reasons you likely found this piece of content is because I rank so well in Google search. You may have search “personal injury lawyer copywriter” or something similar. Over the past two years I have published over 1100 resources on this website. A large number of those are related to copywriting, SEO and personal injury law. Below you can see how many pages Google has indexed from my website:


Check out your website. Go to Google and type site:[your website]. If this number is lower than 500 you are not going to rank for many of the competitive keywords.

If you have been thinking about adjusting your marketing budget the best way to spend your money is on a legal copywriter or a team that can produce quality content. Get started today and within six months you will be getting tons of cases from your website.

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