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If you are a Personal Injury Lawyer or law firm seeking SEO, copywriting or content services please reach me at I have several monthly packages that can help you get more cases from your website.

Ranking on the front page of Google search has drastically helped many personal injury lawyers. Some of these lawyers have been able to grow their practice simply because they get more phone calls from searchers seeking legal services. Much of this is because they rank for “Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer” or a localized keyword phrase. It is very important to understand that these types of “money” keywords are very competitive.

One of the most effective ways to show Google you are a personal injury “expert” is to create truly unique content on your legal website. Many law firms or law offices will have a blog attached to their website. Even if you do not have a blog on your legal website there are opportunities to create truly unique content on the areas of practice pages. By publishing fresh content that is truly unique you will find that you rank much high in Google search. If you have the desire to rank for car accident lawyer, premises liability lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer in your city or state contact me today as I can help your law firm get more clients.


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2016 Google Search Updates

In 2016, personal injury lawyers and law firms are going to find that unique content is even more important. Too many times I have seen major law firms using content that has been published on other websites. This is telling Google that you are not the expert. The content you are “spinning” or “changing” will only become more powerful because you are citing them. Rather than trying to copy what your competitors are doing it would be much smarter to create a unique content strategy.

It can be very difficult to create unique content when it comes to personal injury law. That said, there are a number of great ways in which you can produce weekly blog posts and updates to your areas of practice pages to show Google you are a personal injury expert. If you need assistance creating unique content for your personal injury website reach out to me today at I have both copywriting and SEO packages that can help you get more clients from Google search.

Both Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates will continue to favor websites that have unique content that have acquired national links. Instead of actively going out and trying to get hundreds of low quality links it is better to create high quality content which will naturally receive links from some of the most valuable web properties around the internet.

Web Hosting for a Personal Injury Law Firm Website

Over the past several months I have been asked many questions related to web hosting. Hosting of a legal website should not cost more than SEO and marketing services. In fact, hosting should cost a very small amount unless you have a website that is getting over 25,000 visitors per day. It is my experience that most personal injury law firms are doing very well if they get between 50 and 100 visitors per day. For this reason, you should not have to pay for a dedicated server with your hosting.

If you want to get an estimate on how much your hosting should cost per month feel free to email me at I have a great deal of experience when it comes to web hosting and setting up private servers. There are a few larger legal website building companies that charge between $500 and $750 a month for web hosting. It is my professional opinion that this is drastically overpriced. You can definitely find a more affordable web hosting option that will provide you with just as much, if not more.

If you are working with a company that provides all the back end updates and analytics they may be charging for that on top of hosting. Call your web hosting or website builder and ask detailed questions to see exactly what you are paying for. If you want to understand what each of the services mean and if you should pay for those services do not hesitate to contact me today.

2015 Google Mobile Algorithm Update

On April 21st, 2015 there will be a major shift in mobile search rankings. No longer will it be the case that websites that are not mobile friendly will rank in Google mobile search. Google announced this algorithm update months in advance to let lawyers and attorneys know they are going to need to properly update their mobile website if it is not already mobile friendly. It is important to note that many WordPress themes are already compatible with the iPhone or Android smartphones.

If you are looking to create a mobile website for your domain it would be a wise decision to get started sooner rather than later. If you wait until after April 21st, 2015 you might see a drastic drop in search traffic. You may also find that it takes months to get this search traffic back even after you have updated your website to be mobile friendly. If you would like to know more about getting your website updated to be mobile friendly reach out to me at

Budgeting for a Content Writer

Daily Blog Updates

Houston, Texas

Atlanta, Georgia

Raleigh, NC

Charlotte, NC

Budgeting for a Content Writer

Most law firms have some type of budget when it comes to advertising and specifically Internet advertising. Some of them look at it as a tax write off as it is money that needs to be spent to keep up with the competition. Before going out and dropping $3500 to $5000 on an SEO agency or social media guru it is always a good idea to look at all options available. While SEO and social media are one major part of the puzzle it is necessary to have content. Without content SEO and social media is worthless. When offering advice to any personal injury lawyer or law firm I always explain the important of content creation.

Something that is very hard to grasp is the concept of SEO. SEO is the optimization of content and a simple way for businesses or individuals to get their content in front of eyeballs. First and foremost, it takes the foundation content. If your SEO agency is only producing one or two blog posts a month it is likely the case that your competition is separating themselves from you and your firm every day. I work with law firms and other private practice organizations that employ me to write a blog post every single weekday. While your website is getting updated twice a month with content your competition is updating their website 23 to 25 times a month.


The numbers are not in your favor if your competition is doing ten times as much as you. During any given year you may be producing 12 to 24 pieces of unique content while your competition is generating 300 new pieces of content. When you add this up over the course of years you can imagine how difficult it will be to catch up. Rather than allowing this to happen analyze your current website. If you click on the blog section of the website and your latest blog post was published two months ago there is work to be done.

Just because your competition is producing 25 articles a month does not mean you must follow suit. It does mean they are opening up plenty of opportunities for potential clients to find them. If 25 different, high quality, articles are uploaded every month there are many keywords in which Google searchers could find their website. If you have two unique articles going up every month you are limiting the number of eyeballs that are going to be able to find your law firm’s website in Google. If you are looking to expand your content and your presence on Google search reach out to me at

Do You Need a Blog That Updates Daily?

When looking to move up in the Google search rankings it is important to remember that more content will expand the number of keywords in which searchers can find your lawyer website. If you have a basic business card type website that has not been updated in months, or years, there is a strong likelihood that you have not seen an increase in the number of searchers landing on your homepage or any of the pages within your website. One of the easiest ways to publish new content is to install a WordPress or Blogger blogging software. Even though it is blogging software there are ways to make it look like a very professional website. In fact, most WordPress websites look like a retail or lawyer website already. As we continue to move forward we are seeing more WordPress themes that mimic some of the more popular websites on the web such as Huffington Post, TechCrunch or New York Times.

After installing blog software it is extremely easy to publish a post on a daily or weekly basis. The problem is actually creating quality content. If you are looking for a legal content writer please feel free to reach out to me at I can assist with this process by writing the content myself or finding a prolific writer that knows how to write with a call to action. This wall encourage visitors to your website to call the 1-800 number or contact your law firm now rather than waiting and looking at other opportunities in your area.

One of the biggest problems I see, when it comes to personal injury lawyer content, is writers are doing the same thing that every other writer is doing. They are not using creativity. They will simply go to your competitors website and write the same car accident lawyer or slip and fall attorney blog post that has been written a million times. This type of content is not what Google wants to see. Google encourages completely unique content that offers different keyword phrases that have not been used. Think about the popular interstates and highways in your specific town or city. Are there certain types of cars or trucks that get into accidents more in your city or on the interstates near you? This is all valuable content that will help your visitors better understand car accidents and car accident laws.

There are many unique opportunities available for your personal injury or car accident law firm. Remember that the laws are different in each state. Are there certain bus or truck laws that are different in California than in Oregon? Are there CDL restrictions in North Carolina that are different then in Georgia? These are the types of things your visitors want to know. If you are willing to use your expertise to provide quality content this will greatly help you rank in Google search.

Houston Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers

Houston, Texas is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States with a population over 2.15 million. With this many people throughout the Texas metropolitan area it sands to reason that many accidents and personal injuries happen on a daily basis. Ranking on the front page of Google for “Houston Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Houston Car Accident Lawyer” could be worth millions for a law firm or practice. What all lawyers and attorneys must understand is that getting to the front page of Google search for a highly competitive keyword phrase such as personal injury lawyer is not easy.

At the moment, Arnold & Itkin LLP ranks at the top of Google search for “Houston Personal Injury Lawyer” with Terry Bryant being just under them. Something that should be noted is that Terry Bryant is the first result in the Google Places Map on the front page of Google. His firm has 31 ratings with a 4.7 rating review. This is one of the largest numbers I have seen when it comes to the legal industry.

Under the Google Maps Places results is Stern Law Group headed by Jeffery Stern. Under that result is FindLaw followed by If you are a lawyer considering using FindLaw to host your website or build out your web presence you might want to read over this article. Thumbtack and Yellow Pages are websites that are often seen on the front page of Google search for personal injury related keywords. The other lawyers that show up close to the front page for “Houston Personal Injury Lawyer” are Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP, Baumgartner Law Firm, Kevin Adley, Michael P. Fleming & Associates, PC, Danziger & De Llano and Brian White.

Something else that is very noticeable about the Houston market is many lawyers have websites with an exact match domain such as Anyone in the industry knows that exact match domains do not make a major difference in search results yet lawyers and attorneys would still rather use them. In my opinion, the law firm should use the name of the practice or the name of the leading attorney.

When searching for “Houston Car Accident Lawyer” the results are quite a bit different. Brian A. Eberstein leads the pack with the first result. After that is FindLaw at #2 followed by Terry Bryant at #3. Interestingly, Terry Bryant has a video as the markup seen in Google search for his car accident page. The top three results in Google Places are Gary C, Tucker & Associates, Smith & Hassler and Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.

If your goal is to rank on the front page for any Houston personal injury or car accident related keywords it is important to remember that it takes time, a ton of content and some natural resources pointing back to your website. If you are looking to dominate the search results for Houston please feel free to reach out to me at and I will be more than happy to discuss ways in which we can create a business relationship. If you would like to retain my services do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Some Houston area lawyers and attorneys may wonder how much content they will need to outrank the competition. If you truly want to build a long term website that ranks high for both short and long tail personal injury keywords a blog post a day is probably the minimum you will need. If your SEO agency or firm is not willing to commit the time and resources to produce at least one blog post a day it is highly unlikely you will be able to overtake the competition. This commitment to content through blog posts, videos, photos and audio files will set you apart from the competition. Unfortunately, most law firms and practices do not have a staff that can create this much content. If you want to rank on the front page of Google search over the long haul contact me today.

Atlanta, Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys

Most individuals that have visited or lived in Atlanta, Georgia are fully aware of the traffic concerns. In the 1990’s the city of Atlanta expanded many of the major interstates to six and eight lanes. Part of this was due to the 1996 Olympics but part of it was the fact that Atlanta and the south was growing so quickly. During rush hour in Atlanta, all eight lanes of traffic could be at a standstill on any given day. This means car accidents are not uncommon.

When attempting to rank for “Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Lawyer” law firms and practices can expect stiff competition. This is a money keyword that will help many firms get client phone calls daily. While there is still a strong market for billboards, magazines and newspaper advertisements smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android phone, have caused those in a car accident to immediately Google assistance in the form of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, but it is important for many more reasons than that. To begin with, it is the second-most highly populated city in the state of North Carolina, and is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the area. As a city in the Triangle of NC, which consists of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, it is located in the state’s mecca of technology and business. Raleigh is not too far from the RTP, or Research Triangle Park, which is one of the largest research parks in the world and contains multiple research and development centers. And on top of that, Raleigh is right near several fantastic universities, including North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, Meredith College, and more. It’s no wonder that Raleigh was recently named one of the best cities for young adults by Forbes.

As a result of all of this, there are often bad traffic jams in the Raleigh area. With that many people in one area, it’s not surprising that traffic might be rough, especially considering that many of Raleigh’s citizens are professionals heading to work, young adults heading to college, people visiting from out of town, and drivers passing through the area on their way to RTP. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there would be a lot of traffic jams and accidents along Raleigh’s major highways, including Interstate 440 and Interstate 540.

After reading the previous information about Raleigh and the amount of traffic, it’s obvious that there will always be a need for personal injury lawyers in that area. The amount of car accidents alone would keep somebody in business. However, because of this, it is difficult for a personal injury lawyer to be top-ranked in Google search. Of course, that is a goal that many business professionals have – if you are able to rank on the first page of Google search for terms like “Best Car Accident Lawyer in Raleigh”, there is no doubt that you’ll see an increase in traffic to your website, and, as a result, more clients. You’d much rather be on page 1 of Google than page 3 or 4. It also helps because your business can be placed under the Google Maps results as well, providing potential clients with a link to your reviews and your address and telephone number.

The current first ranked result for “Raleigh Car Accident Attorney” is Martin and Jones, PLLC. The next ranked is the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, which is utilizing Google Authorship. This is a highly competitive keyword and in order to outrank other law firms who may have more time and experience on the web, it will take quite a bit of effort. The most important component will be to create consistently excellent content. The content needs to be relevant to the interests of your law firm while being interesting and informative enough to attract readers. This is, without a doubt, the best thing for ranking a website. The good news is that there are multiple forms of content to be created – this includes articles, Google+ hangouts, YouTube videos, photos, audio files, and more. To ensure that the content is being created consistently and beneficially, it would be best to hire a content creator who is talented and skilled in what he or she is doing.

Thus far we have mainly discussed the benefits of ranking in Google search for car accident attorneys. However, a personal injury lawyer has many more areas of interest that would also be relevant in the city of Raleigh. For example, as it is a booming area of growth, there is always some form of construction going on. Whether it is a new business center being built or a historic building being renovated, it seems like there are construction sites around every corner. With that being said, there are always going to be injuries that occur on construction sites, given the dangerous nature of the job. Therefore, it would also be beneficial to rank for key words relating to construction workers and personal injury.

Another example of an instance where one would strive to be among the top of Raleigh’s personal injury lawyers is in the case of bus and bicycle accidents. In a heavily populated city, public transportation is a must. Not everyone is able to own a vehicle, and even the ones that do will sometimes rely on the bus system to get to work in an attempt to cut down on air pollution and fossil fuel usage. While public transportation is certainly a great way to get around, it is not always foolproof – buses are by no means immune to potential accidents. When bus accidents occur, people often find themselves at a loss when trying to determine who is to blame and how to go about documenting damage and obtaining compensation for their injuries. This is where a personal injury lawyer would come in, and where that coveted first page ranking would play a huge role. In addition to that, bicycles are another source of personal injury in Raleigh, North Carolina. People complain daily that bicyclers are not given enough attention or respect on the roadways, and Raleigh, NC is not an exception to this. If a biker gets into an accident, he or she will need an attorney to get compensation for his or her medical bills and pain and suffering.

As you can see from the previous explanations, it makes sense for personal injury attorneys in the Raleigh, NC area to try to improve their search rankings on Google, so that they will get more clients. This is something that is best left in the hands of a professional who knows how to create beneficial content and continue to build your social media presence. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, or if you would just like to know more, email Jesse Wojdylo at

Personal Injury Lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina

Known affectionately as the Queen City, Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. With a population that’s just over 3/4ths of a million people, Charlotte is a flourishing and prosperous city that just continues to shine. It is home to countless attractions for tourists, a center for business and technology, and plenty of shopping centers. It has continued to thrive as one of the nation’s top 10 fastest growing cities, despite a tough real estate market and failing economy. It is apparent that Charlotte, NC is a city that holds promises for a lot of people.

But a city that holds promises can also hold the potential for injury. With increased traffic on the road, there is an increase in possibility for car accidents. There are several attractions in Charlotte for families, such as Carowinds, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, Mint Museum of Art, the Billy Graham Library, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Bank of America Stadium, and more. There are also nearby colleges, such as UNC-Charlotte. With all of these activities in the area, it’s easy to understand how the motto came around that, “Charlotte’s Got A Lot”. But with that being said, traffic in Charlotte can be a nightmare. And where there is traffic, there is likely to be an accident.

Some of these attractions, like Carowinds and the U.S. National Whitewater Center, carry risks of their own. Roller coasters and amusement parks are some of the staples in a happy childhood, and adults enjoy them just as much. However, we have all heard the horror stories of a poorly maintained ride. While the odds of that happening aren’t high enough to prevent you from enjoying an amusement park, it’s not impossible. The Whitewater Center also offers several physical activities, such as mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lining, and, of course, rafting. While these activities are under the watch of trained professionals, there is always the possibility that an injury could occur. This is where a personal injury lawyer would want to be ranked highly in search, so that he or she could be one of the frontrunners for helping a client in Charlotte, NC.

Therefore, it is in a personal injury lawyer’s best interest to rank well in search if he or she is in the Charlotte area. Currently, the top ranking personal injury lawyers in Charlotte, NC are the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, Auger & Auger, and Campbell & Associates. However, anyone can rank well in search if he or she is committed to producing quality content and maintaining a positive and engaging social media presence. That tends to be something that is nearly impossible for an attorney, due to the fact that they tend to be crunched n time and lacking the resources necessary to sit down and make things happen on their own. If that sounds like something that you can relate to, then you may find it in your best interest to hire a content producer or social media coordinator to help you in the task.

Why Hasn’t My Website Moved Up Yet?

In a competitive industry like personal injury law it is going to take quite a bit of time to see first page results. In fact, it may take several months and possibly even years. If you are in a competitive region or city like Los Angeles, Atlanta, NYC, Orlando or Miami you cannot expect to see your website go from page five to page one in a matter of weeks. Creating quality, consistent content is a great start but it will take time.

When you were building your practice you did not go from zero to fifty clients. It took time to build your name and reputation. You may have gotten plenty of referrals and lower paying cases but you didn’t get that $10 million burn victim case on the second week of owning your own firm. Think about this when asking the question, “why hasn’t my website moved up yet?” If you are creating quality content and doing SEO the right way you will see your website move up in the search rankings. If you need help with this please feel free to email me at I offer several monthly packages that will help with content generation and SEO optimization.

Being patient can be very difficult if you are trying to make ends meet and pay the bills. If you have to pay three paralegals, the rent and all the experts the cost of running the business can get very high. If there are few, if any, leads coming in then you may doubt if the website is worth it. It is! In the long run you will get hundreds and thousands of phone calls from your website. Keep plugging away by creating amazing content.

How Long Will It Take to Rank for Highly Competitive Keywords?

This question can only be answered after a full website audit has been completed. Generally, a website that has updated content that has not moved up in the Google search rankings likely does not have enough authority…yet. This authority comes in the form of links, reviews and mentions on the Internet. If your website has been pumping out content but has yet to receive any links Google does not see it as an authority. That said, if you continue to commit time and energy to writing articles I can assure you that links will naturally come and you will outrank your competition.

One strategy you may want to implement is to pick one specific area of practice and commit articles and resources to that topic. You can do this on one specific page or many pages. The most effective way is to create a very detailed area of practice page that is updated on a consistent basis. I have worked with lawyers that have areas of practice pages that are over 10,000 words in length. Any resource page that is this long almost always ranks on the front page of Google. It may not rank day 1 but it will rank over time.

There are simply too many words and too much valuable content on a 10,000 word document for Google not to rank it highly in search. Remember that Google is a business. The algorithms are designed to provide the highest quality content at the top of search results. If you have created the best resource on car accidents in your local city you are going to outrank your competition. If you are struggling to build out this resource or you are finding that links are not pointing to your domain reach out to me at I will be more than happy to audit your link portfolio and look over your areas of practice pages to see how they can be improved.

Should I Work with Local Lawyers to Build Links?

Building a clean link portfolio can be a very risky proposition for most law firms. Unfortunately, a number of SEO agencies and companies were under the impression that building links meant getting as many links as possible to a homepage or a specific page. This type of link portfolio can quickly lead to a Google Panda or Penguin algorithm penalty. The best way to build a link portfolio is to do it naturally.

If you are a personal injury lawyer and you are very good friends with a bankruptcy lawyer and an estate planning lawyer it makes sense that they would link to you and you would link to them. This is natural. You would definitely want to link to them with a brand mention if you have worked with them in any professional setting. I have linked to a number of my strong business partners and those I have business relationships with because it is natural.

If you are looking to build a clean link portfolio that will not be penalized by Google do not hesitate to reach out to me at I have years of experience when it comes to building links in the correct way. We can discuss ways in which unique content will also help you expand your link portfolio. By having amazing content combined with natural links you will almost always outrank your competition in Google search. For more information on this SEO strategy contact me today.

Will My Search Rankings Drop if I Don’t Publish New Content?

Yes and no. Google has publicly stated that the Google Caffeine algorithm is alive and well. This is the algorithm that checks to see how active your website is. If you haven’t updated your legal website in two or three years there is a very good chance it is going to drop in the Google search rankings. In fact, I can almost guarantee it will drop in the rankings.

That said, you do not have to update your legal or personal injury lawyer website every single day. If you take a week off to go on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii you do not have to update your website just to remain stable in the search rankings. I am a huge advocate of updating your website as much as possible but do not feel as if you are tied to it every single day of the year.

Something I do with my website and some of my lawyer client’s websites is to update very powerful resources that already rank on page 1. If you have an areas of practice page for car accidents and it ranks in the top 5 in Google search think about updating that page once or twice a week. It can be as easy as adding a few new updates with current cases. You can change some of the older or stale content to be more relevant for 2016. There are numerous ways in which you can quickly update some of your powerful pages. You can likely do this in less than 15 minutes and Google will see it as very useful to your readers and their search visitors.

Content will forever be king but don’t feel as if that is the only factor with ranking on the front page of Google search. You may want to take a week or two to do some outreach and get natural links from some of your business partners. In essence, a link to your website is the same thing as you updating your website. Writing guest articles for other law firms or legal related websites is never a bad idea. Make certain they are 100% unique content and the person publishing the article is allowing your work to shine through. If you have any questions related to this do not hesitate to reach out to me at I have helped many lawyers with updating content and getting natural links to their website.

WordPress Themes That Are Best for SEO

Over the past several years most lawyers and law firms have accepted that WordPress is the best way to go when it comes to building out a brand new website. After WordPress has been selected as the type of website a law firm must decide on a theme that works for them. Some firms will pay as much as $25,000 for a customized theme with all the bells and whistles. Before spending all of this money I would urge you to read this article. This will help you to understand why having the most fancy website isn’t always the most productive website.

The best way to determine the WordPress theme that will be best for your law firm or law practice is to see how often Google crawls the domain effectively. If you find that it is taking weeks and possibly months to have a WordPress website crawled changes need to be made. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at as I can help with the crawl rate. I can also give you an honest opinion about your WordPress theme. There are some WordPress themes that are broken and are not easily crawled by Google. You do not want to be spending $3500 a month on SEO only to find that your website does not show up in Google search because it cannot be crawled.

Over the next 12 months there will be many affordable WordPress themes that are built. Take the time to look over the themes and pick one that looks good to you. If the designer knows anything about coding the theme should be able to be crawled by the Google spiders. This will help you get many more cases from the Internet.

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