How Do You Get Points on Kraft Mac and Cheese Snapchat Filter?

We recently reported on the Snapchat Mac and Cheese selfie game as this is sure to be extremely popular with students. Unfortunately, it looks like the game is broken right now. The goal is to catch the mac and cheese noodles in your mouth but the score does not add up. You get 100 points to catch a noodle and it says Bonus on the screen but it goes right back down to zero.

One would assume that the score is supposed to increase by 100 every time you catch a noodle. Hopefully Snapchat fixed this quickly as millions of diehard users are trying to get as high of a score as possible. Have you been able to get a score above 100? What strategy did you use to get a high score?

This game is sure to be extremely popular and it won’t end there for Snapchat. Look out for a PacMan game and games with other major companies including the comic book companies that make movies. It just makes sense that there should be a Snapchat Batman or Superman game with the selfie filters. This will increase engagement ten fold. When are we going to start seeing highly respected orthodontists spending big bucks for Snapchat filters and Snapchat games? With so many middle schoolers and teenagers on Snapchat, it makes sense for an NC orthodontics practice or dentist to spend the money to advertise on Snapchat.

Comment below with your highest Snapchat Kraft Mac and Cheese filter scores if they are above 100.

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