How Postgrads Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat

This article will be yet another chronicle of my “millennial probs” (I seem to have so many). The problem we are facing this time: graduation. Yes I am a senior. Yes I will have to pay rent and taxes soon. Yes I am utterly horrified.

Let me elaborate more on why I am horrified. Financially, entry-level living is not going to be easy for a PR major. Because I want to float between homelessness and starvation, I have decided that I absolutely MUST live in New York City after graduation. At least not being able to afford to eat will mean I’ll be bikini ready all year long? Secondly, I am no longer going to have my afternoons to go on a walk or to go get frozen yogurt. I will be a slave required to work 8-12 hours a day, and any semblance of a tan I would have had this summer is going to be sucked right out of me. Having to be in one building all day long makes me feel as if my soul is going to shrivel and die. While I have a tendency to be slightly dramatic, this truly is how I feel.


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Given that I am about to face a wide array of changes in my life, a natural offshoot of these changes will be an evolution of my social media habits. While paying taxes may not directly translate to what kind of photos I am posting to Instagram, the next phase of life does.

Here are my predictions for how my social media habits will change:

Facebook: My Facebook is already borderline boring, so I cannot imagine what this platform is going to turn into once I have no friends to post pictures with. I am obnoxious once you get to know me, but incredibly shy initially. Making friends in a new city is a process for anyone. Just tack on 2 extra months to the normal timeline, and maybe then I’ll have a few friends to post Facebook photos with.

Post grad, Facebook is going to turn more and more into a forum to see where those people you literally never talk to anymore ended up. Facebook is the perfect platform to assure yourself that your life sucks. There will always be someone constantly posting glamorous photos with all of their ‘friends’ while you sit at home on a Friday night.

Facebook is that platform that you claim you have no use for, but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of. I think Facebook is going to be absolutely crucial post-grad because along with stalking former classmates, it also allows you to stalk the new people you meet. Yes this is creepy, but you learn far more from someone’s Facebook than you do from their Twitter or Instagram, if they even have those platforms.

Instagram: I predict that Instagram is going to be my favorite social media platform post-grad. This is because, despite my initial friendlessness, there will be an array of opportunities to post cool pictures of the New York Skyline, cool sights, etc. Instagram will let me retain the feeling that I am a normal acceptable human being even if I don’t have the night-life to support a plethora of posts. Not posting on Instagram for a few weeks doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Not posting to Facebook leads people to question if you exist or disappeared into the Pacific as a result of a Scuba Diving accident.

In short, I will probably like Instagram because Instagram will still let me feel cool. Even though I really probably won’t be.

Twitter: What kind of witty insightful observations are going to come to me as I stare into my 3 foot by 3 foot cubicle? Probably none.

Twitter is taking over as a great news source. Creatively, I don’t know if Twitter is really where I am going to express myself. But I will learn what DJ is playing at my favorite club, what the president said in his speech yesterday, or what the Kardashians have been up to.

Even if I did continue to use Twitter as a creative outlet- I think the main point here is that my days aren’t going to consist of many events outside of work. I question where I will find the inspiration to say something over Twitter unless I have found something that interests me online.

LinkedIn: You know you’re getting old when LinkedIn starts to feel kind of like ‘social’ media. Checking your LinkedIn is like playtime at work if you’re actually excited about your field (which I plan on being). It’s genuinely interesting to see people’s previous work experience and how they have ended up in their current positions. It’s always fun to look at the pictures as well.

I predict my LinkedIn usage will go up if anything. This is because it is the one social networking site that I feel is appropriate to be on during work.

Snapchat: I will never be too old to send selfies.

In conclusion, Facebook and Instagram will probably be the frontrunners of my social media usage. In general, there will be less time for me to get online and check all of my feeds out. This being said, I still plan on social media being a large part of my life. My virtual self is almost a tangible person at this point, and I would be sad to see her go.
I don’t see myself dropping any of these platforms within the next 2 years despite my prediction that my usage will decline (with the exception of LinkedIn). However, I absolutely cannot predict what my usage will be like 4 or 5 years down the road. I have trouble enough telling you what my life will be like next week. But hey, that’s just part of graduating right?!

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