Can You Separate Private Texts and Public Stories on the New Snapchat?

With the new version of Snapchat, released on November 29th, 2017, users are seeing a new layout. When one logs on, they will open the camera screen. By swiping to the left they will find there friends where they will see stories, private snaps (text, video and pictures) and other personal messages. To the right of the camera screen is the old Discover with other celebrities and popular events going on near a user or around the world. It can get very confusing to determine what is a private Snap text or video and what is public in the new friends section. Some want to know if they can separate private texts and videos from actual stories.

At the present time, in late November 2017 and early December 2017, there does not seem to be a way to separate or easily distinguish between private Snap videos (or texts) and public stories. When swiping right, you will see all the private friend updates together. As the new Snapchat app evolves, they are going to have to give users a way to break up the texts versus the public stories. We will see when that happens.

Do you like the new Snapchat? Do you wish there was a way to separate the private texts and public stories?

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