Puking Bubbles Snapchat Selfie Filter

Now that more and more people are joining Snapchat it comes as no surprise that many of these users are trying to figure out how to do the animations or selfie filters. If you are following celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Hilary Duff you have likely seen them use the different “lenses” or animations on a number of different occasions. The latest is the puking bubbles filter. This is similar to the puking rainbow filter but some think it is even better.

Here is Hilary Duff doing the puking bubbles filter:


This filter turns your eyes purple and makes them bigger while you puke out pink and purples bubbles. Some may call it the “bubble tongue” filter but after the success of the puking rainbow filter I think most will use the fresh “puking bubbles”.

Do you like the newest Snapchat selfie filters? Did you hear the Gatorade one with the Super Bowl Gatorade shower got over 100 million views on the day of the Super Bowl? There are millions of people using them so which is your favorite?

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I have a Sony Expria but i dnt have any off those filters 🙁