What Does the Purple Upside Down Horseshoe Next to a User’s Name on Snapchat Mean?

In the last several months, more and more Snapchat users have noticed the purple symbols next to their friend’s names. These symbols show up to the right of a Snapchat score. For those wondering, these are the signs of the zodiac which are determined by the birthday of the user. If you see a purple upside down horseshoe on Snapchat this means that user is a Libra and was born between September 22 – October 23.

This is what the symbol looks like for a Libra

Note that not every single Snapchat user has the purple symbols next to their name. You have to have your birthday on Snapchat for this symbol to show up to other users. Also remember that the person has to be following you for you to see this symbol as well as their Snapchat score.

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